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Land Clearing and Recycling Projects

Biomass Fuel

Biomass Fuel

CRR is one of the State's largest producers of biomass fuel for the power generating industry in Florida.

CRR produces biomass fuel from municipal yard and wood waste and from our land clearing activities that we market to a number of biomass electrical generating facilities.

Example biomass electrical generating facilities include:

Biomass fuel is considered recycling by the State of Florida, and counts towards the State's 75% Recycling Goal.

VELCO Southern Loop Transmission Line Clearing

VELCO Southern Loop Transmission, 2010

This transmission line improvement project spanned 40 wooded Vermont miles, chipping the right-of-way for the VELCO Southern Loop. An added feature of the project included blowing chips on the right-of-way as an erosion control measure.

CSX S-Line Clearing

CSX S-Line Clearing, 2012

This 50-mile transmission line project included clearing and chipping an active railroad line through Central Florida.

CSX Polk County Intermodal

CSX Polk County Intermodal, 2012

The new $100 million intermodal terminal built in Winter Haven required clearing and chipping the 150-acre site, including clearing the new rail lines along an active railroad and on the construction site of a new highway

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Cleared, grubbed, processed, and hauled off site to market for the following projects: