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Consolidated Resource Recovery, Inc –Proven leaders in land clearing and yard waste recycling

Municipal Services

Our municipal customers rely on us for expert
advice and to create solutions that fit for yard
waste intake, processing, hauling, and recycling.

Industry Leading Best Practices
and Clean, Green Solutions

CRR serves municipalities across Florida, providing expert yard
waste consulting, intake, processing, and recycling of organic
resources. Our many satisfied municipal customers have come to rely
on our industry-leading best practices and customized clean, green solutions for proficiently handling yard, wood, and storm debris materials. Our experts can advise and adapt the process according to state and local mandates, providing cost-efficient, effective, and environmentally sensitive solutions.

Customized Solutions Scaled to Unique Municipalities

Our organic resource recovery and recycling programs are customized to meet our clients' unique requirements. Personalized services range from fully staffed on-site management and processing—intake, grinding, screening, and recycling—to periodic, scheduled, or on-call mobile grinding and hauling. Our convenient recycling facilities grind, screen, and recycle organic materials into earth-friendly soil products, clean mulch, biomass fuel, and landfill cover amendment.

Emergency Response

Immediate, reliable, and big enough to handle it

When the storm passes, CRR is the first to be called by city and
county officials and by other debris removal contractors. With
our extensive fleet of immaculately maintained heavy equipment
and tub grinders coupled with our large staff of trained,
skilled operators, we can handle the biggest jobs and respond
instantly in any emergency. With fast response, considerable
equipment resources, and efficient, clean results, our teams add
proven value to the recovery process.

Hurricane Storm Debris Clearing
and Processing

After these devastating hurricanes, we processed and recycled
massive quantities of storm debris:

CRR provides immediate and reliabile emergency response and hurricane storm debris clearing