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Consolidated Resource Recovery, Inc –Proven leaders in land clearing and yard waste recycling

Land Clearing and
Recycling Services

Our repeat customers trust our reputation in
land clearing and wood waste recycling
services for private developers, contractors,
transportation providers, government agencies,
and the Department of Transportation.

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To Our Clients:

The bottom line is that we're in, cleaned up, out, and done so you stay on schedule.

When it comes to our commercial land clearing and wood waste recycling services, we at CRR pride ourselves on getting in, getting out, and getting it done cleanly, quickly, and efficiently. You've got a big project to manage, and we've got the manpower and heavy equipment to finish the job well while keeping an eye on your cost and schedule constraints. And our commitment to the environment means we take an eco-friendly approach to tree and wood waste recycling.

No down time, no problems.
We can handle the big jobs.

Our fleet of dozens of tub grinders, track horizontal grinders, chippers, dozers, excavators, loaders, palmetto plows, and screens—impeccably maintained by our in-house maintenance and repair facility—means extraordinary reliability and no down time for your big jobs.

We take our job seriously. We're highly responsible where it matters—environmental, regulatory, and in safety.

Not only do we offer the expertise and skilled professionalism to handle land clearing, grinding, recycling, disposal, and vegetation management, we work with integrity in every area.

Experience means a lot in this business.


Years of repeat business means that we've gained the trust of various Department of Transportation (DOT) contractors and countless local and national contractors on large-scale projects such as:


See Land Clearing & Recycling Projects »